2017 Mini-Grant Recipients from Barbara J. Buchanan Fund

Greater Pike Community Foundation announced the award of six mini-grants to local organizations. Funding for these programs comes from the Barbara J. Buchanan Fund, a donor-advised fund established through the Foundation in 2014.

“We are grateful to Barbara for her generosity and for the foresight in establishing a philanthropic vehicle that will benefit the community she loves for years to come. Our Board members were very inspired by all proposals and thankful for the opportunity to learn of so many worthy causes and programs that benefit our area” said Jim Pedranti, Greater Pike’s Board Chair.

2017 Mini-Grant Recipients

Photo of the Great Pike Community Foundation Board announcing 2017 mini grant recipients.
Bottom row, left to right: Jenni Hamill, Executive Director of the Greater Pike Community Foundation (GPCF); Mikki Weiss, President/CEO of the TBD Support Network, Inc.; Maryanne Monte, Board Member of the Good Shepherd Child Care Center, Inc.
Middle row, left to right: James Pierce, Pike County Hands of Hope; Jill Gamboni, Pike County Alliance for Prevention Program; Kayla Bolger, Safe Haven of Pike County; Jason Ohliger, Board Member of GPCF.
Top row, left to right: Davis Chant, Board Member of GPCF; Jay Tucker, Board Member of the Good Shepherd Child Care Center, Inc.; Linda Pinto, Milford Garden Club; Lara Ann Dodsworth, Board Member of the GPCF.

Milford Garden Club – This grant will fund the installation of an irrigation system and raised beds at the Milford Garden Club Community Garden. This installation will increase the production of vegetables by 50% to the benefit of the Ecumenical Food Pantry.

Pike County Alliance for Prevention Programs – This grant will provide the community and local emergency management services with Naxolene training and kits. Naloxone is a medication used to block the effects of opioids, especially in overdose.

Hands of Hope – This grant will enable this organization to aid Pike County homeless and near-homeless people by offering temporary shelter and/or facilitating families to attain affordable housing.

Safe Haven – This grant will fund weekly wellness programs for the residents of Pike County that will move participants towards the direction of meaningful independence.

Tick Borne Disease Support Network – Funds for this project will provide educational resource materials and support services to help those afflicted with tick borne diseases.

Good Shepherd Child Care Center– This grant will fund an outdoor science classroom or “pop-up” field station on the property where children can learn about our local eco-systems in a hands-on manner.

Barbara Buchanan stated, “Congratulations to our recipients. I am pleased to be giving to six organizations whose aims and goals are most commendable and worthy of this support.”

Greater Pike Community Foundation’s slogan is “For Good, Forever.” Greater Pike was established to provide a personal and permanent way for individuals, families and local businesses to support the region we love and have worked so hard to nurture and maintain. Greater Pike enables donors to maximize their charitable support by making tax deductible gifts which are held in a donor fund and distributed over time to the charitable causes designated by each donor.

Visit our website to learn more about the Greater Pike Community Foundation and how to establish a donor fund to support local programs and non-profit organizations that are most important to each individual donor.

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